Swedish Cuisine

The climate and location of Sweden plays a great role in the Swedish cuisine’s present condition or place in the world. In early days the people chose to preserve the food in preparation for the start of the long, cold winter. They preserve fish, fruit, meat and vegetables, etc.
The Vikings occupied all of the Scandinavian countries from more than a thousand years ago and were the first who come up with idea of preserving the food, by dehydrating, mixing curd and salt.
As time passed, various foods were arrived from other areas which include tea, sauces, soups, and honey cakes. These delights were included into the food of Sweden and even today, the Swedish find that soup is a good way to use the leftover veggies.

Few of the traditional dishes of Sweden are more than hundred year old, yet they are a part of the everyday meals. There is a huge coast in addition to many rivers and lakes. This makes seafood as well as fishes a huge part of the Swedish diet and most Swedes love seafood including salmon which is usually either marinated or smoked.
A common Swedish breakfast is a sandwich made of various soft breads, cheese, cold cuts, eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. This is served with juice, coffee and honey.
There are various types of smoked salmon which people eat for lunch mostly with boiled potatoes.
Some of the regular dinners in Sweden are: meatballs accompanied with boiled mashed potatoes and gravy; potatoes and fish boiled in dill; or potato pancakes with roasted pork and brown beans.

Some of the Swedish Cuisine’s are: –

Chokladboll – This is the most popular pastry in Sweden made of sugar, coffee, cocoa, oatmeal and butter.

Inkokt lax – This dish is made of salmon boiled with carrots, onions, salt, vinegar, and sugar.

Kroppkaka – This dish is made of potato dumplings that are filled with pork, bacon and onions. Some times wheat flour, minced pork and salt are also added in it.

Pyttipanna – This is a dish made of chopped meat, onions and pre-boiled potatoes along with the salmon, bacon, sausages, and herbs.

Spettekaka – This is a dry, hollow cake that is cylindrical in shaped and found in Southern parts of Sweden.

Klappgrot – This is a pudding made of semolina which is mixed with red currants, raspberries, blackberries, lingonberries and lemon juice at a time until it gets appropriate texture.

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