Melicoccus bijugatus is a fruit-bearing tree in the soapberry family Sapindaceae, native or naturalised over a wide area of the tropics, including South and Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and parts of the Africa and the Pacific.

A mamoncillo is a tropical fruitfilled with a creamy, tangy pulp which is often enjoyed directly out of hand, although it can also be used in desserts like fruit sorbets. This fruit is most commonly available in markets in South America, where the trees grows as a native, although it can be found in Latin American markets in other regions of the world. In some areas, the mamoncillo tree is grown as an ornamental; gardeners and homeowners are not always aware that the clusters of green fruit are perfectly edible.

This fruit goes by a number of aliases, including Spanish lime, chenet, ginep, quenepa, akee, limoncillo, ginnip, and mamon.

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