Indian Cuisine

Food plays a very special role in every ones life and it is the basic need of a person that’s why it has a special place in life of many people. Some people like the taste of spicy and tempting traditional food. Every one has a different taste. Each country has its own different cuisine. India is known for its rich and spicy cuisine. The food culture in India is very vast. Numerous varieties are easily available. Every state has something special. Indian restaurants are also famous for different varieties of food. People from whole world love to taste such food. The discount vouchers are also provided by the restaurants to attract more customers.

There is a large variety of food in India which covers Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati, East Indian and south Indian food etc. which are very famous for their rich taste. It can be easily guessed from the aroma, that how rich the taste is.

The North Indian food contains basic ingredients like saffron, spices, chilies, cottage cheese, meat, etc.

The Mughlai cuisine is from the imperial kitchens of Mughals. Some very well-known dishes are muglai chicken, boti-kabab, murgh kabab, murg mussallam, etc.

With the help of food vouchers you can have the Indian dishes at very attractive and low prices. The cuisine which is famous all over the world not only for its variety but also for its rich spices is Punjabi. It is pity much like the mughlai cuisine. Punjabi dishes have a lot of butter and ghee which makes them more appealing as well as appetizing. The Punjabi dishes are dal makhani, tandoori chicken, rogan josh and naan, etc. the famous drink of Punjabi cuisine is ‘lassi’. Most of the restaurants not only across India but also outside India serve Punjabi cuisine.

Kashmiri cuisine has influence of Uzbekistan and some parts of Afghanistan and it can be seen on this cuisine. Yogurt, turmeric and mutton are the basic ingredients of this cuisine. The most popular dishes of this cuisine are yakhein, rajmah goagi and gaad etc.

Rajasthani cuisine is originated from Rajasthan and has influence of Rajputs (warriors) which is easily seen in this cuisine. A lot of dry fruits are used in preparing this. Some of the popular dishes are pyaaj- kathori, daal-baati, badi, bikaneri bhujia, etc.

Food from Uttar Pradesh is also famous. Some interesting dishes of this cuisine are palak paneer, paneer kofta and dum biryani. Restaurants across India and outside serve this food.


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