Food can cure STD

STD Cure


Pharmaceutical companies turn old natural remedies into medicines. They pack them for higher prices. For business’ sake, they need to campaign against alternative medicine. But not all doctors agree.
Medical companies like Astra are all about profit. Unfortunately, those interested in creating “different medications” are likely to face a patent entrenchment case. Big companies will not hesitate to sue those who use what they themselves add to their products.
That explains the disclaimer in the book advising everyone to consult their provider before using herbs. Sure, this book does not have the cure for all STDs but neither do pharmaceuticals.


Did you know that garlic equals anti-viral medicines against herpes? After some researches, garlic was found effective in the treatment of chronic herpes outbreak. You only have to eat it daily, regardless of the amount or whether it is cooked or not. That sure is better than daily prescriptions of 300-600mg anti-viral capsules.
This book provides a healthy alternative. Herpes medications are over the counter in Asia but in Sweden, you have to visit a doctor with every outbreak. Now, there is a better option.
In cases of incurable STDs, choosing natural treatments over synthetic drugs is convenient and healthy.

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Being diagnosed with STD blows a different level of bad news. But, this is a book that provides and explains alternative medications against common STDs. It offers a new perspective given that new strains of microorganisms are continuously being discovered to be resistant to medications. In fact, common antibiotics do not work anymore in some Asian countries. The advice we are going here is to use synthetic drugs only when natural means have been exhausted in treating common illnesses. So, it is definitely worth a try and there is nothing to lose when somebody says garlic is effective against herpes.

STD Cure

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